T'ai Chi Chih – Mindful movement and moving meditation

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Experience T'ai Chi Chih with a local expert.

Created by Justin Stone in 1974, it combines elements of T'ai Chi and Qigong using gentle graceful movements from a standing position which help to balance the flow of energy or 'chi' through the body. It combines 19 graceful and soft physical movements with relaxation and meditation, which help to balance the flow of energy or 'chi' through the body.

You will be guided with some movements which are easy to learn and very relaxing to practise whilst standing.

This gentle movement encourages focused attention on the body and the breath.

Regular practice may be beneficial to your health by lowering stress levels, improving flexibility, increasing stamina, promoting activity and improving both emotional and physical wellbeing.

This one hour taster event on the beach at low tide will teach a few simple movements. No special equipment or clothing is required. Participants move within their own capabilities.

The session will be run by Tracy Gibbons. More information about Tracy can be found on her website here and about T'ai Chi Chih and its health benefits here.

£4.00 per person. Booking is essential.

Meet at the bottom of Grafton Road, Oval Field, Oval Lane Selsey PO20 0JN

Contact Tracy Gibbons on 07941 520 964 or 01243 514 909 for more information


30 May 2019, 14:00 - 15:00


PO20 0JN