Frozen Aliens and Superpowers

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An Introduction to Cryogenics and Superconductivity

Join Chichester Skeptics in the Pub at 19.30 on Tuesday 17th September to hear from Dr. Jess Spurrell on 'Frozen Aliens and Superpowers: An Introduction to Cryogenics and Superconductivity'.

Cryogenics typically works with liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees C or 77 K) and liquid helium (-268.8 degrees C or 4.2 K). Down at these temperatures, all sorts of unusual things can happen — electrical resistance can disappear; almost anything, from frogs to surfers, can levitate; liquid can climb out of its container; biological processes can be slowed almost to a halt. With some deft application of science, some clever calculations, and some ingenious engineering, all of this is possible and more — yet for some reason, whenever you say you work in cryogenics, the first thing people ask is, 'Do you freeze dead people? Or aliens?'

Join us to uncover some of the incredible things that cryogenics can do — and has already done — for you. Dr. Spurrell won't be freezing any dead people, but she will explain why it's currently not a particularly sensible idea — and we may freeze an alien or two . . .

Dr. Jess Spurrell is School-University Partnership Officer at the University of Southampton and holds a PhD in Cryogenic Engineering and Superconductivity. She has run over forty public engagement and outreach talks, workshops, and demonstrations throughout the UK, including Winchester and Brighton Science Festivals, the Big Bang Birmingham, and BBC Stargazing Live Portsmouth.


17 September 2019, 19:30 - 21:30


The Chichester Inn