Golf At Goodwood Level Up Junior Coaching Programme

Level Up is a fun, engaging and life skills learning programme aimed at children aged five and above. Sessions are available after school and at the weekend and are aimed at developing children's golfing skills and confidence.

The programme encourages children to not only learn and develop their golfing skills but also rewards and develops life skills such as confidence, fitness, leadership and teamwork.

Children receive a fun logbook where they will progress through 10 levels of development by achieving various challenges such as practising, volunteering and taking part in physical activities.

· The basics of golf from stance, grip, posture and club selection.

· A fun logbook with ten exciting levels to complete.

· The chance to run a practice playing session with the coach.

· Learn the etiquette of the course.

· Fully certified and DBS checked team of PGA Professionals.

Twelve-week coaching from £120 | Running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from Tuesday 26 April.