Mim McCann - Ceramic life-cast sculpture

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After a lifetime of playing with clay, Mim is forever experimenting, incorporating metal within clay sculptures, developing surface glazes and Raku techniques. Creating both conceptual ceramics and experimental, functional porcelain pottery. Aesthetically intriguing life-cast sculptures of the human form, inside and out, convey concepts of vulnerability and strength; provoking thoughts and evoking memories. Torsos draw upon the notion that women are strong and powerful in many ways; nurturing children and enticing loved ones while at the same time being vulnerable and sensitive. Metal stitches and chicken wire enhance this concept as the metal becomes brittle meaning that what once was unbreakable is now delicate. Additionally, ribbons echo stitching of scars which are reminders of our both positive and negative experiences and rich fabric or cushioned displays elevate to a higher status.


2 - 14 July


Oxmarket Gallery