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Sally Rieder will illustrate many of local quirky rural Churches that are often overlooked, with interesting history and architecture. . . .
Admiral George Murray.jpg
Admiral Murray was born in Chichester, fought in naval battles from American Independence to Napoleonic Wars, was a close friend of Nelson and lived at the now Ship Hotel. Free talk with donation to the speaker’s charity. . . .
chichesterflowers-large (1).jpg
Jose Pound who was the 2014 Chichester Flower Festival director, as well as many others, will talk about achieving the WOW factor to excite arrangers and visitors alike. Free talk with donation to the speaker’s charity. . . .
Good Germans.jpg
Two thirds of Germans had never voted for the Nazis. Catrine Clay recently published a book based on 6 memoirs of Good Germans who stood up to the Nazi regime. Free talk with donation to speaker’s charity. . . .
Bill Coombes explains the basic working of this iconic machine, how a homebuilt Enigma Machine can be used to produce encoded messages which are unbreakable if used properly!. . . .
Chi Canal.jpeg
Andrew Gibson will tell the story of the’ Waterway of Woe’ a description often applied to Chi Canal. From the aspirations, finances and failure leading to the current success and future plans. . . .
The most famous man you have never heard of! From the slums of Salford to Chairman of Lewis department store, minister of food and reconstruction in WW2 and lived in Walberton. Free talk with donation to speaker’s charity. . . .
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