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tintin and snowy
Hugo Frey, lecturer at Chichester University will discuss The adventures of Tintin, the comic series by Belgium cartoonist Herge, who is a reporter and adventurer who travels the world with his dog. Can Herge be compared with Shakespeare!?. Chosen Charity; Red Cross UK – helps people in Crisis, whoever they. . .
Dying Matters
. Statistically 100% of us are going to die at some point! Yet it is a subject very rarely talked about. Steve Thomson and Bev Downie will discuss the issues, and what we can do to prepare, so we live until we die. Chosen Charity: Remember My Baby – Professional. . .
Illness of world leaders
History has been affected by illness and personal psychological characteristics of world leaders. Robert Palmer describes how illness affected Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Anthony Eden, with personality disorder of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Trump and Putin to name a few! How different things might have been. Chosen Charity CHASE Africa –. . .
child rescue in india
Graeme Payne, back by popular demand, gives a colourful and amusing tour of these unique icons of our British seaside resorts. Chosen Charity: Child Rescue in India – a charity that rescues abandoned street children and educates them in readiness for a better life. . . .
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