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Glorious Goodwood at Purchases

30th Jul, 2019

Five days of thrilling action set against the magnificent backdrop of the rolling Sussex countryside....

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Wimbledon 2019

1st Jul, 2019

It’s that beautiful time of year again. Long, lazy afternoons spilling with sunshine and tennis....

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The MCD School- Timetable

1st Aug, 2019

The MCD School Timetable,. Dance, Singing and Drama. Monday- Dance 4-7:30pm, Singing 4-6:30pm. Tuesday- Dance...

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Shoreline Sunset Walk

27th Jul, 2019

A walk of 4 miles through the countryside and along the shoreline stopping to view...

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Thorney Wildflowers

21st Jul, 2019

An opportunity to visit a protected wildflower SSSI habitat on Thorney Island with wildflower enthusiast...

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Harbour Hares: Thorney Island

20th Jul, 2019

A faster paced 7 mile walk in the company of Judi Darley, Conservancy walks leader,...

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Bat Walk in Langstone

16th Jul, 2019

A stroll at dusk to listen for and identify bats. With Nik Knight, expert for...

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Fishbourne Wildflowers

7th Jul, 2019

Explore Fishbourne Meadows in the company of wildflower enthusiast John Arnott, taking time to look...

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Harbour Creekies: Thornham Point

5th Jul, 2019

Harbour Creekies: Thornham Point. A slower paced stroll of up to 2 miles in the...

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Outdoor theatre: Romeo & Juliet

28th Aug, 2019

Come and watch one of Shakespeare’s classics at the Weald & Downland Living Museum’s outdoor...

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Outdoor theatre: Gangsta Granny

11th Aug, 2019

Set in the stunning surrounds of the Weald & Downland Living Museum enjoy open air,...

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Autumn & Countryside Show: Farming, Food, Horticulture

5th Oct, 2019

Experience the sights and sounds of the countryside, and celebrate the end of the harvest...