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'Art Wittering' exhibition

26th Oct, 2019

15 local artists are getting together to exhibit their diverse range of art in October....

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Chichester Singers: A Child of Our Time

9th Nov, 2019

Join the Chichester Singers in November for a concert featuring the great works of 19th...

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An Evening with Ken Follett

7th Nov, 2019

Ken Follett, author of ‘ The Pillars of the Earth’ , ‘ Eye of the...

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Roman Army Week

28th Oct, 2019

Get an army “tattoo", try your hand at spear practice and see if you can...

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Christmas Decorations Day

9th Nov, 2019

Have a lot of fun making your own Xmas Decorations in glass or textiles, you...

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Free Expression Painting

16th Nov, 2019

This will be an exciting workshop designed to help you step out of your “painting”...

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Drawing & Pastels short course

12th Nov, 2019

A short course every Tues afternoon from 2-5pm which will give you an introduction to...

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Harbour Hares: Six Harbour Villages

15th Dec, 2019

A faster-paced 11 mile walk through 6 of the Harbour Villages, with a ferry ride,...

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The Harbour in Textiles

7th Dec, 2019

Create a small picture in textiles of the Harbour landscape with the guidance of textile...

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Cowdray November Supper Club

15th Nov, 2019

Cowdray Farm Shop Café ‘Supper Club’ on Friday 15th November at 7. 00pm. There will...

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Harbour Creekies: Dell Quay to Fishbourne

6th Dec, 2019

A gentle walk of 2 miles from Dell Quay to Fishbourne and back again. Afterwards,...

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Wader and Wildfowl Walkshop

3rd Dec, 2019

Join ecologist Pete Hughes for a day learning about the waders and wildfowl that visit...