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Worldy Group Logistics

We are a small van courier company based in Chichester and work across Sussex and Hampshire. We offer a good...

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Bronze Axe Casting

20th Sep, 2020

The course begins with a short introductory talk and handling session of replica tools and...

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Stedman Accounting Limited

Stedman Accounting Ltd is an approachable and friendly accountancy practice. We strive to simplify and remove the worry of the...

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#SussexTogether Festival of the Arts Exhibition

3rd Nov, 2020

The #SussexTogether Festival of the Arts Exhibition will be held both in Chichester Cathedral and...

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Learn to shoot the traditional longbow

25th Sep, 2020

An introduction to the art and craft of longbow archery. The day focuses on the...

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Jupiter & Saturn, The Giants of Our Solar System.

18th Oct, 2020

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is a world of raging...

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The Northern Lights.

16th Oct, 2020

Journey north to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle and watch electrified particles from...

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The Northern Lights.

11th Oct, 2020

Journey north to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle and watch electrified particles from...

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Autumn Stars Moon and Planets.

9th Oct, 2020

As the nights grow longer, magnificently-ringed planet Saturn moves into the sunset glow, with not...

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Is There Life on Mars?

4th Oct, 2020

This autumn Mars will be a prominent object in the south-eastern night sky, its bright...

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Shine On Harvest Moon.

2nd Oct, 2020

The Moon is our nearest neighbour, and September is the month of the Harvest Moon....

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Online Pub Quiz

22nd Sep, 2020

Its pub quiz time! Join Chichester Humanists and Chester Humanists for an evening of quizzing...