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The Wizard of Oz

14th Dec, 2019

Don your ruby slippers and follow Chichester Festival Youth Theatre along the yellow brick road...

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The Butterfly Lion

5th Oct, 2019

A new adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s magical adventure following Bertie and his beloved white lion...

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Sing Yer Heart Out for the Lads

5th Oct, 2019

As a pub football team watches England’s 2000 World Cup qualifier, this provocative play by...

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21st Sep, 2019

Ambition falls headlong into tyranny and chaos in Shakespeare’s great tragedy, and two corrupted souls...

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Hedda Tesman

30th Aug, 2019

A doting husband, a troubled writer and a loaded gun. A vital exploration of motherhood,...

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Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!

15th Jul, 2019

A love-struck crew of ranchers canter through the glorious score of this exuberant classic musical,...

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The Deep Blue Sea

21st Jun, 2019

Terence Rattigan’s devastating examination of love and solitude, set in London in 1951, offers one...

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7th Jun, 2019

Rachael Stirling plays former secret agent Susan Traherne, battling for her body and mind as...

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26th Apr, 2019

Hugh Bonneville plays the celebrated Narnia writer C. S. Lewis in this much-loved, multi award-winning...

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This Is My Family

20th Apr, 2019

James Nesbitt, Sheila Hancock and Clare Burt lead the cast in Tim Firth’s hilarious musical...


Fish & Chips Cruise

28th Jun, 2019

A relaxing cruise and dine option. A generous portion of fish and chips from Chichester’s...


Fish & Chips Cruise

18th May, 2019

A relaxing cruise and dine option. A generous portion of fish and chips from Chichester’s...