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Historic Life Weekend: Sheep, Shepherding and Shepherd's Huts

2nd Jul, 2022

Southdown sheep are closely associated with the local area and can be seen regularly grazing...

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Downland Gridshell's 20 Year Anniversary

17th Jun, 2022

On Friday 17 June, the Weald & Downland Living Museum will be celebrating the 20th...

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Father's Day

19th Jun, 2022

Fathers Day is a fantastic time to visit the Weald & Downland Living Museum, with...

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Celebrations of Midsummer Solstice & Superstitions

18th Jun, 2022

A traditional season of celebration, the Weald & Downland Living Museum will be exploring the...

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Sussex Day

16th Jun, 2022

To celebrate Sussex Day, the Weald & Downland Living Museum will be hosting a day...

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We The People Photographic Exhibition

28th May, 2022

Discover the stories of the incredible volunteers in the Chichester District who so passionately support...

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Jubilee Picnic on the Cathedral Green

3rd Jun, 2022

Calling all families! Celebrate Her Majesty The Queens Platinum Jubilee with Chichester Cathedral and Chichester...

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Feel the Calm Amidst The Chaos

9th Jun, 2022

An opportunity for local ladies to get together, chat and “mingle” in the beautiful surroundings...

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Make a Roman Brooch

28th May, 2022

Enjoy this small, intimate full-day workshop with professional local jeweller Sarah Macrae. You’ll be led,...

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Life Drawing Workshop - Chichester Roman Week 2022

31st May, 2022

Try your hand at life drawing in the unique setting of the museum’s Roman Gallery....

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Cycle Tour of Centurion Way

29th May, 2022

Join staff from the Novium Museum and Fishbourne Roman Palace as we explore the rich...

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"The Sound of Drums" Quest

18th Jun, 2022

Go back in time and save Chichester! A 2 hour adventure for all the family,...