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Interim Finance Director // Business Strategist

I am a chartered accountant, with more than 20 years' experience in fast paced, growing businesses, providing the services of a Finance Director to SME's on a part time or project bases - you only pay for the time you need, no commitment or overhead!

I have a wealth of experience in many business areas including people management, goal setting and strategy, systems and processes, accounting, payroll, coaching and negotiating. I love to find problems and solve them, whether they're systems based, or in life generally.

I provide business advice, specialising in finance and accounting, business and team creating and management, utilising my 20+ years' experience plus chartered accountant status, along with interim financial director services.

Whether you have a good business you want to make great, if your business is struggling, and you want some support getting back on track (or closing), of if you simply don't understand your numbers, I can help.

Sometimes a consultancy/advice/coaching approach works best, and sometimes I roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. Whatever it takes to make the changes your business needs to thrive, I'm in.

I'm a real human being (even as an accountant) and I won't bamboozle you with unnecessary jargon or complicated processes. I believe in using a simple, straightforward methods that make real change, quickly.