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Since 1997, the MWHG has worked to preserve the Manhood Peninsula's diverse flora and fauna. Powered by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, the Group completes fieldwork and conservation projects to understand and protect our environment and heritage. Regularly connecting and collaborating with local communities at events, children's workshops and working parties, allows us to enthuse others about the preservation of our beautiful landscape.

Our Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands project is a Heritage Lottery Funded Project to survey and improve the ditch and wetlands network of the Manhood Peninsula, to prevent flooding and increase vital habitat for wildlife. Using a range of land management strategies, FLOW is improving the capacity of ponds and the ability of rifes and ditches to carry water away to the sea improved, lowering the risk of flooding and providing a stable and important home to many species, including the fast-declining water vole.

The FLOW team of staff (Jane, Chris, Emily and Nikki) are supported by a committed ensemble of volunteers who carry out physical habitat improvement work, ditch and hedgerow surveys, outreach events and other activities year-round that make a huge difference to the local area and spread awareness of our important cause.