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My name is Elaine, Chief Banana Officer at POWER Fitness Events. I create high-energy space to ignite and enrich CONNECTION - one banana at a time. I emPOWER people to transform their mental and physical strength, from my spinning bike. I describe POWER as FAMILY, with a side order of fitness.

My background is in luxury brands and motorsport, events and client experience. However, I believe I was born to ride. POWER is the result of a years-old vision board and a business plan written on the back of a banana skin. Originally intended to be spinning bikes, wireless headphones and bananas, delivered to festivals, workplaces, community spaces and out in nature; I planned to launch POWER when Covid-19 hit.

In response to Covid-19, I launched POWER Online - a no bike required concept. I ride my spinning bike, 'riders' accept an invitation to move for 45 minutes. Their choice of movement - run, walk, row, ski, dance, paddleboard, kayak, pedal indoors or outdoors - at their pace. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can feel the POWER of TOGETHERNESS: independent and CONNECTED to the banana bunch, via Zoom. POWER Online operates by donation, Pay-What-You-Can.

In addition to POWER Online, POWER in the Garage is a physical ride location in Chichester, originally intended as a test space. The Garage includes POWER Zed - dedicated rides for Generation Zed. The fourth strand, when the world allows, will be the original concept: POWER-To-You.