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At Starfish People, we know that if you've employed staff you hope they'll do a great job and make a positive difference to your business. Afterall, they are your company's most valuable asset and they represent your brand, values, ethos, products and services, within your business and to your clients. However, running a business and managing people is challenging, employment law can be complex and problematic to implement. In the event of an employment tribunal, there is not only the cost to consider but they are time-consuming and damaging to a company's reputation. Few businesses have the luxury of employing an HR professional, and even if they do, specialist HR support may still be required for situations such as redundancy or disciplinary investigations. It is clear to see how difficult it can be for employers to comply with the legislation which regulates how they must manage employee relations.

Who do you turn to for reliable advice when you have a difficult HR issue, and how much time will you invest in finding the right answer?

At Starfish People, our outsourced HR consultancy service is here to help. We work alongside you providing expert specialist advice, support and guidance and access to your own HR consultant, either as the need arises or as part of an ongoing service. We provide a clear and professional outsourced HR consultancy service tailored to meet your needs and budget. We aim to make a difference by taking care of our client's human resource needs allowing our clients time to focus on their business.


  • Consultancy for recruitment and selection – Help to recruit the correct candidate from job role assessment, DISC profiling and effective advertising to sifting through applicant CVs, interviewing and making the job offer.
  • Employment contracts, terms and conditions – The agreement between employer and employee as well as employment rights and responsibilities.
  • HR policies and procedures – Rules of conduct for your business to encourage a healthy working environment.
  • Employee handbooks – A resource designed to keep your employees informed and on track, to help your business run smoothly.
  • Staff appraisal strategies – Myriad methods to help monitor and improve staff performance.
  • Consultancy for disciplinary cases, investigations, grievance and appeal proceedings – Professional advice and documentation to help guide you through the process and ensure compliance with your legal obligations.
  • Customised business training and coaching programmes – Regardless of company type or size, our tailor-made business training programmes are designed to make your employees more productive.
  • HR audits and healthcare – An objective review of your current HR policies and procedures to identify best practices and suggestions for improvement.
  • Attendance management – Encouraging a clear, concise and consistent communication of attendance policies and procedures for a more contented workforce.

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