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Tuppenny Barn is a 2.4 acre non-profit organic smallholding in Southbourne, on the outskirts of Emsworth, West Sussex. Of the many activities that take place at Tuppenny Barn, 'promotion of sustainable living in all its forms' best describes our overall aim. With this aim firmly embedded in all that we do, we aspire to make Tuppenny Barn a beacon of sustainability for the community we serve.

Our eco-built circular barn – our education centre – is a venue for a wide range of events, activities and workshops for all ages, but most importantly it is a venue for the provision of learning experiences for children, to promote sustainable lifestyles. Learning experiences include school trips, an after-school club, activity workshops for pre-schoolers, and kids holiday activities, in which we strive to educate children about where food comes from, the nutritional benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and the knowledge and skills to 'grow your own' and prepare and cook healthy fresh meals. As well as advocating spending more time outdoors learning about countryside skills, we teach children to treat the environment with care, and respect the natural world.

The education centre also becomes our shop, every Thursday and Friday, where we sell the organic fruit and vegetables that we grow on the smallholding, and is also a venue for regular events and workshops for adults, including music concerts, art exhibitions and Wedding Receptions.

Please explore our website and events programme, to find out more about the educational and social pursuits at Tuppenny Barn – "A Place to Grow, Naturally".

We look forward to welcoming you soon...