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  • Painting Holidays in France

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    22 Jun 2018

    September Painting Week in France. Painting Holidays in the stunning Livradois Forez National Park – France. Beginners and experienced painters are equally welcome to join us. Please see www. martinpiercy. com for details and Facebook: martin. piercy. 3 for photographs of our May 2018 trip....
  • It’s time to get excited for summer with our new cocktail menu!

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    21 Jun 2018

    It’s time to get excited for summer with our new cocktail menu! Get into the swing of the warm weather and savour these classics in our beautiful garden, enjoying the shade under the Plane trees. We have a fantastic Spritz duo that is sure to...
  • Put a Caribbean twist on your day..

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    21 Jun 2018

    Take your tastebuds to sunnier climates abroad to the Caribbean beaches and the festivals of Jamaica and enjoy the brand new addition to our A la Carte menu – what’s even better is it is completely vegetarian! The vibrant colours of sweet potato, alongside aubergine...
  • Choral Scholarships

    • St Richard Singers chichester
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    11 Jun 2018

    The St Richard Singers believe in nurturing talent and offering support during every stage of a singer’s life. In that spirit of education and development, the choir is delighted to offer Choral Scholarships for up to eight singers each choir season (running from September to...
  • The Artworks Calendar for 2019 Challenge

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    31 May 2018

    I’m Nancy Goodens and I run Artworks, an independent art studio offering creative classes and workshops, and in memory of my younger sister whom we lost to breast cancer 10 years ago, I’m running a creative fundraiser for Cancer Research UK – The Artworks Calendar...

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