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Chichester Cinema at New Park 16 - 21 February, 2019

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Two Marys dominate films this week with Mary, Queen of Scots and Mary Poppins Returns. In 1560, Mary (Saoirse Ronan) returns to her native Scotland after her French king husband dies. Only 18, she is dedicated to claiming the throne to which she is heir. She also is aware of the equal claim she has to the throne of England her cousin Elizabeth (Margot Robbie) sits on. But both are seen as unfit due to gender, and surrounded by men – David Tennant plays John Knox, the cleric, Adrian Lester as Thomas Randolph, Elizabeth's ambassador to the Scottish court -- who would curb their power and who create fear between them.

Emily Blunt is the nanny with the mostest in Mary Poppins Returns as she magically helps the Banks siblings through a difficult time, decades after her original visit. Also starring Emily Mortimer, Ben Wishaw and Julie Walters.

Clint Eastwood continues making strong films, the latest, The Mule, showing the director-actor on form. He plays Earl Stone, an elderly war veteran and a horticulturist who becomes a drug runner on orders of a Mexican drug cartel. His advanced age, years of experience driving around the country and a spotless criminal record, lead him to become one of the cartel's most prized assets. The film has fascinating parallels to the star's own life.

Visually stunning and anchored by an accomplished, textured performance by Steve Carell, Welcome to Marwen is an intriguing and original drama looking at pain, guilt and the healing power of art.

This week's Ruby Tuesday £2 film is Brazil, Terry Gilliam's 1985 startlingly inventive film starring Jonathan Pryce, Michael Palin and Robert de Niro and part of the cinema's 40th Anniversary Ruby Year celebrations.

More £2 seats are available for Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse, a new vision of the superhero genre with ground-breaking visual style.

All seats are reservable on our plush red seats. Bar. Box office: 01243 786650. Chichester Cinema at New Park, New Park Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 7XY www.chichestercinema.org

Fri 15 Feb

12:45 Mary Queen of Scots (15) 124m

15:30 Mary Poppins Returns (U) 130m

18:15 The Mule (15) 116m

20:45 Welcome to Marwen (12A) 106m

Sat 16 Feb

12:30 Mary Poppins Returns

15:15 Welcome to Marwen

17:45 Mary Queen of Scots

20:30 The Mule

Sun 17 Feb

12:45 Mary Poppins Returns

15:30 The Mule

18:00 Welcome to Marwen

20:15 Mary Queen of Scots

Mon 18 Feb

12:45 Mary Poppins Returns (Subs for Hard of Hearing)

15:30 Welcome to Marwen

18:00 The Mule

20:30 Mary Queen of Scots

Tue 19 Feb

12:45 The Mule

15:15 Mary Queen of Scots

18:00 Mary Poppins Returns

20:30 Brazil (Ruby Tuesday) (15) 132m

Wed 20 Feb

12:45 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (PG) 117m

15:15 Mary Queen of Scots

18:00 The Mule

20:30 Mary Poppins Returns

Thu 21 Feb

12:30 Mary Poppins Returns

15:15 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

18:00 Mary Queen of Scots

20:45 The Mule