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The Chichester Neighbourhood Plan

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Chichester City Council is starting work on a new development plan for the city. The Chichester Neighbourhood Plan will cover the whole parish area including the city centre and its residential surrounds, stretching from Summersdale in the north down to the A27. Neighbourhood Plans were introduced in 2012 as a way for local people to gain some real influence on their local areas. It can include planning policies and infrastructure projects. The focus is very much on what the residents themselves want for their area, and as well as putting forward their own ideas to create the Plan, residents will also have a vote in a referendum at the end of the process which will determine whether or not the Plan is adopted. 50% of all votes must be yes votes for the Plan to pass.

Once the referendum has been passed, the Plan will have the same legal status as the Chichester District Local Plan, which means that planning officers will have to take account of the policies within it when determining planning applications. In this way we really can make a difference to our City, but we need as many people as possible to get a good representation of the needs and wishes of our residents.

The City Council's initial survey, which is open now until 9 December and can be completed here focuses on the issues residents had previously raised with Councillors. There are also questions asking about your ideas for the Plan, and the new ideas and issues which are coming in now will be consulted on at a later date. If you enter your email address when completing the survey (this is optional) you will automatically be kept informed about progress on the plan and further consultations. You can find out more about the Plan or join us in our facebook focus group