Podcasts / A reflection written during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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A reflection written during the Coronavirus pandemic.

by Percy Moore

The trials and tribulations of our days fade all too easily into our subconscious. Like faint, or distant memories. We live without attention or awareness.

Our emotions remain centred from renewing sights and sounds flirting with our senses. Like seeing the sun rays dispersing the dust through the window like a dance, the smells of culinary delights which tease your keen appetite, or the first breath of fresh air.

Yet most profound, is the endearing smile of recognition from whoever crosses your path first.

An expression.

An expression which elevates one evocation from the rest. A heart-felt feeling which won’t fade into our subconscious like the others, but brightens our mood, guiding us like a star in the darkness.

Today, more than ever, we long for these moments to keep us above the water. Our sails hang windless, and our shores left dry from a retreating tide. Run aground and exposed, we imagine the day the moon’s pull will turn, the winds pick up and the tide comes in once again.

We yearn for the day our lives resume, and when they do, we will notice each another like a new beginning. We have to acknowledge our today, and be conscious to the slower pace of life.

Don’t feel lost, but embrace what you find. Because like a compass, in times of hardship, people discover their true North through moments of comfort and relief. For some, times like these stir a new clarity of what’s important.

A time not to drown in the shallows of self-pity and gloom. But revel in the newfound depths of a life made pure and simple. We live in a time when no one can be left alone. So be together for your family and yourself.

Acts of kindness are the best forms of expression. Keeping people happy because of it. Ironically, happiness spreads like a virus. The feeling is seldom shared alone, its purity the perfect remedy as it simply doesn’t matter if it’s yours or not.

Look after each other; it’s human nature after all.

And in a time when we strive to keep Mother Earth as she belongs, we must embrace and embody our own empathetic nature. We have become so tainted with the cynics of modern life, our social climate is now as damaged as the planet we live upon.

Just like with the Venice canals, we can try to clear our own emotional channels. And when the pressurised sphere of life engulfs us once more, we can continue with a clearer perception of who we are.

But for now, we have had our freedom restrained, so must find an escape in other means.

The sun has set, leaving us in the cold of the dark, but we wait together, sharing our warmth, seeking solace in the quiet of the moonlight.

We prepare for the worst but hope for the best. That’s all we can do.

We will overcome our greatest challenge, and be reunited with friends and family. A picture so beautiful, one we have all lent our hands to, as artists of a collective triumph.

This time, we are together. And together, we are the largest expression. An expression of a united front. An expression of strength, of solidarity, and kindness.

We may be apart,

but remain together in spirit.

Saluting the sacrifice which must be made,

for all those lost along the way.

Have faith, and trust in the ones we love.

We will meet again soon,

and toast to us.


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