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Relaxed Performance of the Wizard of Oz

This video is about relaxed performances at Chichester Festival Theatre, which welcome individuals, groups and families with children on the autism spectrum, with sensory and communication disorders, a learning disability or anyone who finds it difficult to follow the usual conventions of theatre behaviour. Unlike “normal” performances, there’s a relaxed attitude to noise and movement in the auditorium and you can leave and re-enter the theatre whenever you need to. Lighting and sound levels are adjusted, so that the auditorium isn’t dark, and bright lights and loud noises on stage are softer than usual. There’s a chill-out space with bean bags in the foyer for people who may need a break from the performance. A ‘Visual Story’ is sent to audiences before they come to the show, with lots of pictures and information, so they know what to expect.

Chichester Festival Theatre’s next relaxed performance is for The Wizard of Oz on Friday 27 December at 2pm. All tickets are £15. To book, call the Box Office on 01243 781312.

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