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Bosham is considered as one of the prettiest villages on the South Coast. Set between two tidal creeks of the lovely Chichester harbour it is natural that sailing is a popular pastime and the Bosham Sailing Club enjoys a thriving membership. The village retains many charming 17th and 18th century buildings in the narrow, winding streets and alleys that lead to the harbour.

The site has been inhabited since Roman times, and is close to the famous villa at Fishbourne.

The church of The Holy Trinity, Bosham, is one of the earliest churches in Sussex and documented evidence show that there was a small Christian community in Bosham in the 7th century, making it the oldest site of Christianity in Sussex.

King Canute 1016-1035 is thought to have had a home in Bosham in the early 11th Century and the long held tradition that his young daughter drowned in the mill stream was verified in 1865 when her coffin was unearthed in the nave.

Bosham is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry in scenes at the very beginning where Earl Harold, later King Harold is seen riding to Bosham with his retinue, praying in Bosham Church, before embarking on his ill-fated trip to Normandy in 1064., a voyage which was to eventually cost him his kingdom, after a storm cast him into the hands of William of Normandy.

Today the village has a thriving community with pubs and cafes to refresh those enjoying the lovely walks around the harbour and Bosham Walk is a charming arts and crafts centre where visitors can pick up a gift or try their hand at a class themselves.